Heritage Steam and Light Railways

The North Norfolk Railway

The North Norfolk Railway is also known as the “Poppy Line”.  It runs between Sheringham and Holt.  The North Norfolk railway passes through some of the Norfolk’s most picturesque scenery.  It has 4 historic stations and it links with the Norwich to Sheringham Bittern Line services.

Jump on the Bittern Line at Gunton Station which will get you to Sheringham and the start of the North Norfolk Railway.  Gunton station is just 15 mins walk from Burrow Cottage.

Click here to see a video made by one of our recent guests.


Bure Valley Railway

The Bure Valley railway is a narrow gauge line running between Alysham and Wroxham some 9 miles with intermediate stops at Brampton, Buxton and Coltishall.
The line was built on the track bed of the East Norfolk Railway.  It runs both steam and diesel engines on the line.  More details and timetable can be found here.

Whitwell and Reepham

The Whitwell & Reepham Station was re-opened on the 28th February 2009 nearly 50 years after it was closed to passengers.

 The Station is being restored to its former glory circa 1930/40’s, relaying track and sidings, acquiring rolling stock and add more items to our museum relating to the Station and The Midland & Great Northern Railway.

More details here.

Wells and Walsingham Light Railway

The Wells & Walsingham Light Railway is the worlds longest 10¼” narrow gauge railway.  Trains run on the four miles of track layed on the old Great Eastern track bed from Wells to Walsingham.  More details here.

Wells Harbour Light Railway

The Wells Harbour Light Railway is a 10¼” Narrow Gauge railway.  Diesel locomotives pull passenger trains the 1200 yards from ‘Harbour Station’ at Wells, to ‘Pinewoods’ where there is a holiday park and a sandy beach.

Bressingham Steam Museum

Bressingham Steam Museum has several narrow gauge rail lines and a number of types of steam engines and vehicles in its collection.  More details here.

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