We  provide a dedicated EV type 2 fast charger for our guests.  The charger provides up to 32 amps or 7 kW from a Rolec wall mounted box.  You will need to provide your own type 2 cable.  See below for a picture of the type of cable required.  With the standard 5m cable it you will reach either side of a car parked  in the Burrow parking slot.

EV Charger

The Burrow Cottage charger has its own dedicated meter.  On arrival we will turn on the charger and take a meter reading. You will have exclusive use of the charger throughout your stay.  When you leave we will take a second reading and we will charge you 24.5p per kW hour of the electricity you have used.  This is the cost that we are currently charged by British Gas however,  with the current  turbulence in energy prices this price will be constantly reviewed.  We are very keen to encourage the switch to EV’s and will always provide cost effective charging.

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